Weekly challenge: Pattern. A great cheese maker in Paris

Sunday morning, going to a my dear childhood friend house, for a family brunch.

Participant in total 4 adults and 5 kids.

Our mission: bring cheese, salad, eggs.

Idea: Sunday morning in each neighborhood, it’s market time in Paris.

So here we go we had carrots, avocado, lemon, tangerine, banana, roasted farm chicken kids could not resist the smell and it was almost 11 a.m.

Not to forget this delicious cheese bought by Laurent Dubois, who won the prestigious title of ” meilleur ouvrier de France” (of best cheese worker/maker in France! )

They of course had plenty of delicious pastries, bread, juice, coffees, waiting for us up stairs. ( their mission)

Now I know why she is my only friend, who never changed her postal address since Childhood. All her move out, were back to it after a couple of month/ years depending on her destination ( USA or an other address in Paris)

I have also to say that they have this amazing view on Paris and the Eiffel Tower, who would give it up.

For my delicious and tasty cheese Pattern, the picture will speak for themselves.





You ll find him in two address in Paris.
This one was 2 rue de Lourmel 75015 Paris


7 thoughts on “Weekly challenge: Pattern. A great cheese maker in Paris

  1. This is a great blog! Maybe it’s because I was living in Paris last summer and I really miss it! Thank you for bringing back some memories! The cheese in Canada is soooo much more expen$ive than in Europe it’s crazy! So I never eat it anymore 😦

    1. Thank you very much and thank you for following.

      My philosophy in life, try to allow yourself to some pleasure. It s nice to find what we like, and to meet this happiness with small thing or more important one. Luckily life can be “light ” sometime. En plus, if it s close to gastronomy!

      Try to give up an other thing you don t stop buying cheese and enjoy it from time to time.

      One thing I love in the USA, since I m a kid is the us chocolate called “kisses”. Impossible to buy it in Europe, at least I have not found it.
      So went I m in the Us, I buy some and eat it really from time to time when I m home.

      Ps: if you like Dutch cheese, I know some Dutch cheese maker mail it to you…( it s cheaper).

    1. Even them if they could. My son of 2 years old has pimple on his face as soon as he eat dairy product and he loves it. We are trying to find out if he is really allergic or intolerant to milk protein ( not lactose) as I feel so sorry for him…. To keep it all away from him. He really love all kind of cheese. So enjoy….

  2. hey, thankx for sharing, i particularly like the cheese pics and for me it’s the contrast between everything being the same [cheese] and everything being different [types of cheese, chapes, positioning] so layers of pattern happening which is really powerful and eye-catching… thankx so much!

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