Jardin du Ranelagh ou Parc de la Muette, Paris, France

One of my childhood Parc, Playground, wondering area.

Now my children’s favorites when they come to Paris.

You call it mainly “jardin du ranelagh”, but it is located nearby Porte de la Muette, by Metro ( subway) next to the station la Muette metro line number 9.
It’s also very close to metro station “ranelagh”, but you ll find it better getting of at “la Muette”.

You also have couple of buses getting you there (n 22 or 52).

It s a very nice park, my kids loves the crepes there ( pancakes), waffles, candies… You have this small adorable shop called a kiosque. It was already there when I was a child, And I was running toward it with the same enthusiasm my children have now!
Now I m still running toward it to get my ” coffee” un café s il vous plait.


As you can see you can find in this mini place all you wish to get! It’s a type of fairy mysterious place, never emptying. One of there secret, they have a staircase going to a mystery storage under!

Then my kids run to the playground, where you can find slides, climbing things, sandbox, swings. In an other part of the parc nearby you have a vintage horse merry go round, where children’s armed with a wooden stick turn trying round after round to reach and pick metal circle which will allow them after to a free ride.

You also have real donkeys to ride, one if them pulling a carriage for very small children ( not yet steady enough to enjoy to ride on there own).


At the end of the PARC you have the museum Musee Marmottan http://marmottan.fr/mobile/page.asp?ref_arbo=2497&refer=
You can find exhibition on Monet.

Nearby, you have the theatre du ranelagh for adults and or children depending on the play!

But in the PARC you have an open air theater for the kids called Guigol. It is a French traditional (mupet ) marionette doll, with a main character called Guignol, who is doing Lot’s of silly things and often getting in trouble.

On an other side of the garden, you can find wondering areas and ” resting” areas. At the ” entrance” of the kids area ( it’s free access it s a public garden) you have a great sculpture of Jean de la Fontaine a tale teller very known in France. And his famous crow, fox and cheese!






To complete the overview, you ll find between la Muette and metro de Passy (10 mn walk when you are walking without any stop, up to 3 hours of fanatic and fantastic shopping as you’ll find shop for woman, children and men every half meter!
Plenty of nice restaurant, bakery and cafe.

8 more minutes walk passing Passy and you get to the Trocadero or Eiffel Tower.

When you walk 15 mn to the other direction you ll get to the Bois de Boulogne. Very large wood lake area, where you can rude a bike, row a boat or…. But I ll tell you more later in an other post.

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