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What are you doing with your kids once the school holidays starts ?

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This summer will be our first since moving to Miami. I m not yet used to this new rythme. School have already stopped for 2 out my 3 kids, and I have to come up with solutions to keep them entertained until mid august.

The 3 of them will be in holidays from 6 of June…

We all go through summer planning…

Some of you will send them to camps, travel with them, send them to grand-parents and parents…or just keep them home.

Feel free to share what you have decided, or come up with.

I do not have a traditional profession, being an artist and working mainly from home brings me a double challenge.

Thus I have always tried to spend as must time as possible with my kids and tend to bring them along with me / us wherever we travel.

It’s my choice, I could say our choices and it is a challenge. It does require a lot of energy, sometimes I have to remind myself not to cross out “sleep” from my to do list. Some of my friends call me a “super woman”, I really don’t feel that way, it is just my expectations in life. Some people have clear career goals, one of my goal was to keep being myself and keep trying making my dreams come true ( professionally wise) while taking care of my kids and taking time for them, picking them from school, being there for them etc… and yet traveling (as much as we could with them). You might think it’s normal, I think it’s a challenge, as the world is ruled by “work schedule” “school schedule” “social schedule” etc…. living in different time zones…

We wanted to be young parents and I am very happy and grateful we did, but needless to say it is a challenge to raise your kids (away from immediate family), grow your career, visit your family and friend, be yourself and take time for you and your couple and your kids….

I would not change any of it, but wondered what were your feelings, your situations or any things you would want to share with me further to my post.

So no social media glam, feel free to share your though and tips here.

xoxo @hopeje

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