The movies I have never watched! In purpose…. 

While the Deauville French/American film festival is warming up “les planches” in France, in Normandy exactly…..

My sister send me pictures of ET movie, played yesterday at the Hollywood ball in LA….

And I realize: 

One more film I refused to watch ( just saw part of them)

On my unwach list amoung others:

E.T. Steven Spielberg 

La Boum, French not to be missed Says my best friend ! (She write a blog in French If you want to improve your French :  classic with Sophie Marceaux
Les bronzés Patrice Leconte ( also a classic)
Titanic (directed by James Cameron  principal actors  Leonardo di caprio and Kate winsley)

The Horse whisperer ( Robert Redford) but I Love Robert Redford as an actor so I ll probably try to watch it one day.

The gremlins 

Star Wars 


And you ? 

Wishing you all a good Sunday 

10 thoughts on “The movies I have never watched! In purpose…. 

    1. Your comment makes me smile.
      I know it s wired. And my son loves Star Wars, so at a certain point I ll watch it. Yes there is something that really doesn’t attract me in ET and Yoda, nor in any character of Star Wars. Even if I really like Harrison ford as an actor. There is something in those movies that always scared me. Odd as I am a big fan of fantastic litterature and movies. I also don t like lord of the ring ( but I read part of the book and saw the movie). I love Harry Potter (books and movies) and avatar and many more. But that s just me…. Keep on enjoying E.T. And Star Wars.. Diversity is what keep us rich. Have a good day

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