Opening night, at Centro Taco, Miami. Modern, Farm to table, Mexican cuisine. 

Tonight was the grand opening of Centro Taco. 

A design, farm to table, Mexican refine cuisine.

We met Chef owner Richard Hales, ( in the picture below) and grasped a look at Chef de cuisine James Seyba, “affairé” ( busy) preparing delicious and very fresh dishes.

The trendy atmosphere of the restaurant  brough our attention in this business neighborhood of Miami, near byscane boulevard way, near Brickell.

For our great pleasure we were warmly welcome by an enthusiastic team.

The chef wishes to bring you in an suistanable Eco chic friendly cuisine. 

Only fresh food, coming from local producers, and organic farms. A farm to table restaurant, where all is hand made, from the tacos to the guacamole, to the tacos…not to forget their family friendly plates, offering a family proposal that changes each day.

Tonight was a whole rabbit… Not my choice but, looked great for those who crave for it, on the next table.

They also have an extended choice for vegan and vegetarian, which is always a plus.

This restaurant is typically the type of restaurant I love, it has it all:

Fresh and quality food

(Good wines 😉


Good atmosphere 

Good service 

And innovative in their cuisine 

Plus the price is reasonable 

Good for businesses, friends diner or family meals.

We wish them well…

Until our next visit 

Or yours.

Centro Taco
125 SE 3rd av
Phone : 305-371-2518

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