Looking for good Persian haute cuisine in NYC? A Taste of Persia is were you should go.

Last week I ran by accident into an amazingly good Persian “small” restaurant, located in the “vitrine” of an other restaurant!

On 12 west 18th street NYC between 5ft and 6th avenue.

I was lately missing oriental food, and feel in luck when I turned my head. 

Did not know what to choose, no problem, “we’ll let you try it all”!

The chef passes by, and in a spoon’s turn released  the gorgeous aromas  of his dish.

Almost an irrational attraction toward the smell, not mentioning the gorgeous taste.

For you to try!

They do : take away, catering and you can sit on the spot. Nothing fancy in the location compared to the level of cooking. 

You will be welcomed with a smile both from the lovely lady serving and advising you and from this amazing chef! Mr. Saeed Pourkay. 



The prices as you can see, are more than reasonable.

And Don t forget to ask for the chicken pomegrade and walnut, un pure delice, even if not always on the menu, the chef might be able to pull it out of his sleeve for you.





Ps: there is a great children book store right next to it 18W/18th st. Worth the trip as well.

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