Blizzard coming Up in New York City !

26 January 2015, the blizzard is coming,
People are getting “crazy”, shops are taken over by people afraid to miss on something.

We are So use to have everything !

I have a though for thoses who have Nothing, wether it s material or worse immaterial !

I hope people will be able to gather and shelter themselves !

Tomorrow no school in New York and around, Boston, Portland, LongIsland etc….

Sleds has been best sellers everywhere….

Let s wait and see….

In the meantime some pictures, snow is pilling up so fast, only rare snow flakes this morning, inches are now falling… Let see where it will get…

The motto: say warm and safe.








When all was back to normal again:
After the blizzard Juno! Central park, New York! | so parislux !

3 thoughts on “Blizzard coming Up in New York City !

  1. 100 degrees farenheit for the 3rd day in my hometown of Perth today so the contrast is particularly amazing. The picture of the snowflakes on the glove is stunning but the rest looks pretty alarming. Best of luck for the next day or two!

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