In a split second! And yet in a life time !

This past days, my head is going through many thoughts!

So many things, I will save some for others posts!

I had to say good bye to my grand mother, and yet she ll remain with me forever!

While we were gathering to say goodbye, history was writting an other paragraph of history!

A dark one! But yet the light will always prevail, thanks to the good side of humanity!

The world became in one voice Charlie!
I wish for the world to wake up, unit against all kinds of extremism!

My thoughts go to theses mans of courage and opinion and their families, to the runners of Boston, to the victims of the World Trade Center, to the man and children killed in France last year, to the one that stand up, that keeps running, that keep smiling, that still decide to live.

As It is hard to speak of all together I will to share with you some images!


First, To my grandma I say thank you! for her courage, her love of life, for being herself, for giving to others, for making the world a better place, for her shining eyes and her great smile and heart.
I love her so deeply and always will ! She is with me forever and in the heart of many!

To the world I say! Stand up as one, to make a better place!
Respect each other in its differences and similarity!
The Liberty of one and all shall be preserved, in the respect of others!

Life is precious! We should all work together in making the world a better place.

Life is a matter of seconds, and yet of a life time commitment!

A second will never prevail on a life time commitment!

An action will not prevail on consistency!

Life is respect!

Life is love!

Life is understanding!

Life is commitment!

Life is continuation!

Life is hope and action!

Life is made of hello and of goodbye!

Life is life!

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