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Happy new year 2015! Bonne année 2015! YOLLO pizza Ste Menehould France

What a nice surprise on the road today,

France on Sunday or special holidays, is quite “dead” and “dull”.
You generally have to think ahead and only count on yourself to eat, drink or any kind of groceries.
Unless you leave in one of the main cities and in booming neighborhood, you are likely to find everything closed on 1st of January, even in Paris!

So imagine Ste-Menehould! A small city in the north east of France, 1 st of January 4.30 pm, the light is almost gone, the streets are empties, some rare pedestrians are daring their ways in the cold.

We decide anyway to exit the highway and meet friends mid-way toward both our destination!

Seeking place to drink a warm coffee and share a happy moment all together around a table, we brave the cold opening our car’s window questioning a pedestrian passing by.

Hum hum, I guess nothing is likely to be open today in here!

After 10 mn, we decide to enjoy a nice chat in our car… How nice…. After 30 mn of discussion our stomachs are grounding.

Everybody knows that 1 st of January is often “late breakfast” and very late lunch!
Yes indeed 5.30 pm would be a great timing for such a lunch!

But where?

Here’s the miracle of The day:


A take-away pizza with some table to seat!

Not only the pizza were amazingly good, but the owners were warm, nice, welcoming, happy to be working, happy to be there for us!

This take away pizza holds 2 tables for 4 and 2 tables of 2, plus one outside!

Qu à cela ne Tienne ( meaning: let s go even if it doesn’t look obvious!that doesn’t hold it back from Being doable and great).

What a relief to find in France such a service, so much kindness, so much enthusiasm!

They set tables for us 4 adults 5 kids !

Yes it is still possible in France! Finding people happy to be working when others are resting, being the place we were looking for! Modest and kind, extremely souple and understanding, fulfilling our kids request:
A crust only: yes one of our kids only like pizza crust, find they made it for us,

One wanted a half tomato sauce have tomato and cheese: No problem !




Amazing! And all That With a smile!

I do not Know Who to thank them enough!

So here’s a post to do so!

And if you are driving in the highway a4, in France and passing by Ste-Menehould, just don t hesitate : just exit, and you ll be delighted!

We were even more spoil than that as they offered coffee for adults and lolly pops for kids !

I would say “YOLLO pizza” what else!!!!!

So welcoming they even printed their menus in Chinese, Russian, German, Spanish, English and of course French


At this moment, today I was proud to be french, and to see some people still have it all!

The courage, the energy, the love and passion of their work, the kindness and simplicity.

They know who they are what they want and how to live and bite into it…

In the meantime we regained energy, biting in their pizza s and tartiflette, nourishing ourselves of their kindness, welcomeness !

So thank you and happy new year to you all,

Hope to find more people like them in France and elsewhere!!!!



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2 comments on “Happy new year 2015! Bonne année 2015! YOLLO pizza Ste Menehould France

  1. Happy new year 2015 you too!!!
    Thank you very much

    See you soon perhaps!!!


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