Weekly photo challenge : signs

I love this one


For more about Woodstock :
Colors! Woodstock! Flowers and candle sticks. | parislux

And that yummy one, in Dylan’s candy store NYC!


Yes it s my steps and my iPhone 🙂

Hi have to thanks Chris

Weekly Photo Challenge/B4 Retouch: Signs Sign Off (Market)
This weekly photo challenge is about ‘signs’. To ‘sign off’ my entries for this challenge I post this one, without a sign. A group of people on the market of Saint Hippolyte-du-Fort are looking at something that got their interest. But there is no clue or sign what makes them so focused.
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Weekly Photo Challenge – Signs – ‘Le Coyote’
(All photographs and other images in this blog are © copyright and cannot be reproduced without my written permission and consent – All rights reserved)

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weekly photo challenge: signs
The photo challenge this week from The Daily Post: SIGNS

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As I don t manage to get the daily post alert for the weekly photo challenge and as I like their blog.

Feel free, to share 3 blogs that has inspiring pictures, including mine would be delightful and much appreciate.

For more of that challenge:

Signs | The Daily Post

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