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9/11 Never forget ! And yet look for the good and bright!

Today’s first “school “visit” day for my son”,
suddently I realize, oh It’s 9/11!

Later, in the morning I went on facebook, and saw the post of my cousine, who got lucky that day. Her husband (fiancé by that time) and her were working next to the World trade center (One block away) and remained alive and safe. They were to be getting married a few days after, and their wedding memories remains tincted of this atrocious reality.

Yet, Remember but live on; as Amercia did; deciding to honor the one that should never be forgotten, but to keep on living, whithout fright, and build even higher.

Suddenly one hour ago, I just remembered it was a friend’s son’s birthday today. He is turning 5 years old today.
He is a light in that special day, he is the bright side of the day.
The miracle of Life, that makes it so special.

One could think, “oh no, I m giving birth “that day””, one could say, “what a gift”. All baby born are a give, they are life. Baby born that day are a symbol of light of what the world has better to offer.

So happy birthday to you “little Man”, enjoy each day and try to get the best out of it.

No we will never forget, for the one directly touch, and for the rest of us. This day was more than sad, it was unbelievable.
I remember as it was yesterday; being, rue d’Assas, Paris, France, getting out of the university, and suddently everything froze in the air. It was like as if we couldn’t move, nor understand anything. I was passing by a café (the Lucernaire) and the TV was one, I though it was fiction, but yet nobody was moving, we were all watching and trying to understand.

At this moment, as a Human being, and as the daughter of a french lady and a New Yorker, citizen of a country house of the Human Right (France) I felt I needed to go and help; but it was impossible; flights were cancelled, and everything was stopped!

My destiny followed its path, and, the 9/11 made me not move to NYC, but pass first by Luxembourg.

But when NYC calls you, you always find a way to live your dream, your life, your destiny.

And that is the miracle of life.

No, we won’t forget thoses who perished unfairly, but we will continue to smile, to laugh, to create, to go forward, and greet the late, and greet the newcomers as messengers of new happy days.

As my father’s always said, “every morning, go to the window, look at the sky and thank G. for this day, as it is a gift, as you are alive”! I’m not doing it that way, but I leave by that rule, and try everyday to smile and make the best out of it… (even if I don’t manage everyday, after all we are all imperfect humans with doubts, mood etc..).

So have a good day everyone, that is the best way to keep the memory alive.

And please, do not let those who lost their life on 9/11, being lost for nothing. We have the responsability to protect the living, to stand up against terrorism, and racism and anti-semitisme. It’s by being good and better that we’ll honor their brocken destiny. We are lucky having our freedom of right, of speech and much more, the majority should not remain silent in front of unfairness, we are in a time where these human rights values count.

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It's all about love, life, and the pursuit of happiness I m a French-American girl from Paris, France. Visiting the US, New york, Miami each year for a couple of weeks. Always liked the energy of these cities, of these two countries, each full of genuine way of life and freedom.Who would have though I would move to Luxembourg, and "find/lose/find" myself there. Met the love of my life, made 3 children and much... Let' s not Forget our  dog! With us since  2013.So yes we moved, to NYC, and now Miami, and traveling is still our middle name.One of the things I like the most in life, is traveling, discovering life, architecture, customs, people, places, the poetry and energy of life.Places, peoples, atmosphere, dreams.Enjoy.... PS: the content of my blog, is shared with pleasure, but not free of rights.

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