New York City – natural frame and positive thoughts

Million of them through out the world, natural frame! just a way to look at things!

Try to see beauty in all things, as only the positive sight of life keep up advancing!

It s just about you, and how you want to live your life.

One small stone, next to an other and add one more And more, it will make a strong construction !

It s all in your hand to add brightness in the world!

From a simple smile to a kind word, attention, that s how we ll make it better, it this troubled time.

If the silent majority starts smiling the nasty mean ones will have to give up….

Let’s pray for it in our heart and soul, and just add up for the bright side!

Wishing you a good WE!

With this view of NYC


4 thoughts on “New York City – natural frame and positive thoughts

    1. Thank you…. I m going to post today, one how much self control I needed yesterday to stick to my mantra… And I have to admit my positive thoughts drifted away at the end, for a brief moment but in the end, I kept the essential in mind… Not always easy, otherwise it would not be life! What matters is to keep it through long distance 😉

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