Mantra of the day : Be a friend to yourself

“Be a friend to yourself”.

Being a friend to ourself, really liking who we are, accept our failure is not always the easiest.

It could be for many reason, ( to demanding with ourself, lack of confidence….) it could be not dramatic, and not reflected in our everyday life; but we all have things we don’t like about ourself. It is often an internal pollution! In French you’ll say a ” un parasitage”. I does not mean feeling self-suffisant.

Even if it s always good to improve, it s good to first recognize our good points!

Who we are, being friend with ourself, will help us reach our goals. It might even change or transform them.

It could be almost mathematic: you feel much better if you start from + than -.

So be a friend to yourself, see yourself from outside, and you’ll reach better just by looking at yourself from an other perspective.


6 thoughts on “Mantra of the day : Be a friend to yourself

  1. I was so impressed with your inspiring post that I forwarded it to my daughter. Generally, I think we all are too hard on ourselves….thanks for the reminder to take a step back and take a good look at ourselves, and see how much we have to offer!

    1. Thank you for your comment ! Thank you for sharing! I realized that before wanting to improve or change anything we need to be in peace with what we have. Novody can do that for us! And most of us are to difficult with oneself ! Have a good day. I m sure you are doing a great job and your daughter Must know it, therefore she must be greAt as well

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