Kings day 26/04/2014 koningsdag Letter

Amsterdam does rock on kings day!

Tho you really need to Write your name and number on your child arm, it is over crowed!

First attempt between A and M


Then I made it !


Ambiance: happy party and orange of course !!!!!












Tomorrow lets King’s day rock in Amsterdam | parislux

For more explanation on that special days, and beautiful pictures:

Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters (Lois and Lyno) | Chris Breebaart Photography / What’s (in) the picture?

Letters | The Daily Post

Tips on Amsterdam

Amsterdam, one of my favorite cities. | parislux

Koningsdag was a good coincidence as our aim coming to Amsterdam that day was to meet baby Flo!
And to see our family!!!!!!

So we can cross B6 from our list 🙂 lucky and very important mandatory belongrick
Wish list: traveling…. Are we up to something | parislux

20 thoughts on “Kings day 26/04/2014 koningsdag Letter

  1. On this one I know most of the places you went 🙂 Museumplein, Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk, Vondelpark, And you got actually stuck in the word Amsterdam 😉 Nice to see your impressions of one of the most crowded days in Amsterdam.

    1. Yes ! Was there as well 4 years ago for queens day 😉 but then more un Amsterdam zuid! And I don t know if you remember the garbage picker went on strike the next day for more than 3 weeks and Amsterdam was then a hudge open garbage! Luckily they were very active yesterday from 6 pm in vondelpark

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