Because the night : I am a night owl living in the light

Because the Night

Oh what a question:

I am a night owl.
I love the night, my energy level raise from 4 pm until dawn.

But life, imposes it’s cycle and since I m in Luxembourg I had to “reverse” my cycle and go with “the flow”.

Here life starts early from 7 am, in Paris in the contrary nothing almost starts before 9 am. Ok schools starts between 8 and 8.30 am everywhere. But I m talking about shops, light in people’s eyes.

An example:
Here shops closes mainly at 6 pm! What a disaster when I arrived first in Luxembourg, used to Paris where almost nothing closes before 7.30/ 8/ or 9 pm, and where you ll find in most neighborhood shops opened until midnight.

Now and progressively some supermarket opens 4/5 days until 8 pm! But you learn how to work, live, shop differently.

The night, remain my loved moment, where all can be calm, where all can be lively, when music takes it s sense. When your rhythm counts, as all mandatory things are done and awaiting the next day.

You find then liberty and peace, liberty and movement, quietness or party… Until before the world awake!

My favorite time between 9 pm and 6 am…
Where all become yours!

In the other hand I love day light, but real beautiful sun light! I need it and thanks to it get filed with energy.

It s the eternal song of Charles Trenet, the late French singer, quand le soleil a rendez-vous avec la lune

meaning when the sun has a meeting with the moon! But the moon never seems to show up.

How happy to have the best of both….

Still to the question, I am an owl living in the sun light and longing for the moon to come back….

Good night to all….

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