Weekly photo challenge : community – the immigrant – courage – sacrifice – family

I am thinking and thinking, this word turns in my head.

Tonight, with my husband, my sister and brother-in-law, we went to the movie.
Before hand we had an Italian diner.
While watching the wines list, we saw a map!
The wine map of Italy. The “boot” as I always tell my children to help them learning their geography.


Then I think again “community”! Yes the Italians are a big and great community. ( I do have some in my family tree, my great grand-ma for instance, but I didn’t make this remark for this reason).

Then we talk about us coming from everywhere being one foot on the old continent, and our heart in the states.

We truly feel part of the USA and this is our truth.

Then we went to the movie to watch the immigrant http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x16g3f7_the-immigrant-bande-annonce-international-trailer-vost-hd720p_shortfilms: and I feel the effort and courage my ancestors, as many others made to reach the promised land. Their promised land as Europe could be for others, as France was for the other half+1 of my family!

And us, and me! Born in France, strongly American and leaving in Luxembourg, this small country in the middle of Europe.

I strongly feel as an immigrant! And I don’t know where is my home, even if it is here for the time being and the past 11 years!

But my community is my family! And I tremble to the though of this 2 sisters in the movie we have just seen!

My community is the love and courage in life!
I see around me men and women with Hope and Dream with values and challenges.
I see how they fight their way to keep on going forward.
I try and try, I think and think, I laugh and cry, thankful for little and greats miracles witnessed every day.
The dog wagging his tail when we arrive, the kids playing together as they were never apart when they see each other.
The happiness of sharing a conversation a meal, a train to early taken for a moment -gone to fast- spent together with no guarantee of tomorrow.

And I think again, and I yet don’t know my place.
I always knew. And I am an immigrant looking for a certitude, thought this challenge I found my community.

For now my place is here, anywhere I am, I am with my Family,my Friends, my Community. It helps making who we are, who we become, to open our arms to embrace our challenges.
The world we are leaving in opens up boundaries.
Shorten the traveling time, making gathering easier.
I think of my friends here in Luxembourg, my family in France, in the USA, in Israel, in the Netherlands, in Belgium, of my friends in England, in France in the Netherlands and in others countries.

I hope to make you discover through my eyes, the world as I see it, the places I like, the persons I encounter and the things that strikes me.

I take also the opportunity to thank “my” WordPress’s community, those who read and follow me, and those who Will join me on this great life adventure.

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12 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge : community – the immigrant – courage – sacrifice – family

      1. In French you say ” la botte de l’Italie” direct translation in English “the boot of Italy”.
        At home with the kids I skip “the shape” it becomes the “boot” even my 3 years old recognize it that way 🙂

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