Matthieu Chedid and his musicians and equipage, je dis “M”, Aime

Today is a special day, as it is my little sister birthday : Happy birthday jenniJane! ILY!

5.10 a.m. the alarm rings and I am on my way for a day in Paris!

The Aim, see my sister spend the day with her and visit my lovely Grandma, in the last part of her life.

Now, here, in the train , I can t help myself feeling the warmth and the magic of yesterday night M’s concert!

In 11 years in Luxembourg, it was from far the best concert I ve ever been athmosphere wise!
Even Mika did not bring the people to such a vibrant energy!
Ok I have to admit he brought out the best and good side of the French people yesterday, as the public was I think mainly French! But even our English friend, who did not know “M”, enjoyed himself, and “applauded” the show!

Matthieu Chedid is from far the best showman I have ever seen. His musician and equipage were amazing as well!

Talented musician and music and song writer, he also paid homage to his grandma Andree Chedid who wrote him song lyrics at the be beginning ( including M). ( the “affection” I have for both my grandmas, -the other one living in Albany NY- and the passion for life being a further link to M concert yesterday).

I truly want to say Bravo! And thank you, for your energy and this good great moment.

Just google or you tube him for the sound!




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