Jusquiame noire, Hyoscyamus niger,L – Weekly photo challenge – Eerie


This picture of the Hyosycyamus niger L. Family Solanaceae, was taken this July in Aussois, France ( by me).

It is a beautiful but very toxic plant and flower!

How can so much beauty be held by such a “deadly” plant. It is a dangerous plant, but was also used to relief great pain ( Ste Hildegarde).
It was also used in the past as a powerful aphrodisiac. ( Albert le grand)

It should not be touched, without cautioned, nor used!

Let’s just admire her eerie beauty through this photography.

Caution: this plant should not be used, nor ingested! It is a toxic plant.

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12 thoughts on “Jusquiame noire, Hyoscyamus niger,L – Weekly photo challenge – Eerie

  1. Been there, done that. Cool, tobacco-stained interior, fun little terrace, good place to gawk. Down the street from what’s its name with the huge bar upstairs…………….Hmm, looks like we drink our way around the city. Hmm………not really. If you’re staying short term in an apartment, just pick up wine/beer at Albert Hijn, take it home, and sit on yer balcony. Lekker.

      1. Portland, Oregon—not that there’s anything wrong with that. However, our 2 years we spent in Berlin (West) in the 80’s with our kids taught us to travel Europe whenever we can. Your remarks about kid-friendly Amsterdam places struck true. Our 4-year old opened many doors for us. We took him to the Van Gogh, and now he is an artist/teacher. We evolved from staying in hotels to renting a flat near Vondelpark. Love the terrace café there. What’s the Dutch word for coffee that is half milk? Koffee …….. It means ‘phony’ coffee. Love it on a cold winter morning, sitting across from Cafe Helmer’s watching the trams. Lekker.

      2. We are so looking forward visiting Portland Oregon. I went to Seattle long time ago, loved it. Portland seems to be such a dynamic city, back to the roots of America. My cousin is also there he is an ice maker, the fifty liky I wrote something about him on my blog ( dream maker) and posted a link.
        For the koffie verkeerd

      3. Ja, koffie verkeerd. Re PDX: Direct flight from AMST. A ‘dynamic’ city? Hmm. Recent influx of out-of-stater’s. Hmm. Even get Europeans at the museum where I docent. Hmm. Close to Pacific and incredible Columbia Gorge. Hmm…An ice maker? Now that’s cool, man. Counter culture still alive and kickin’. Far out!!!

  2. Ps : continue traveling in the meantime I hope you find in my blog the atmosphere of the places I travel to…and thank you for sharing that’s also why my blog exist

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