Snap shot of a relaxing Sunday at home, for a change!

Nice to be home sometimes.

Making plum (quetsch) jams, as it is the season in Luxembourg, plum pie, and pickles.

Now place to the snapshot, and nice colors to enter in the autumn.











Quetsch jam:

Configure de Quetsches

1kg of quetsch
750gr of sugar ( or less, depending on your taste)
1 lemon juice

Cut the quetsch on 4 and take the pit away.
Put in a deep pan in a slow fire.
Once you see the plums bubble, add the lemon juice and the sugar.
Stir with a wooden spoon.
It will be ready within 15 to 25 mn, it will be for you to judge.
Once ready, put the jam in sterilized jar ( leave a little space on the top of the jar) while very hot. Close the jar and put it upside down, to guarantee the conservation of the jam.

Et des Jolies fleurs pour garder le sourire et plonger dans un automne tout en romance. ( and pretty flowers to keep smiling and enter into a romantic fall).


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