Pickles? Give me a hint? Any idea?

Once upon a time, a Gardner gave me a seed..
I decided to plant it…

Weeks later, a little plant appeared and turned into a “zucchini”, “courgette”…

But it was different, it looked like a “cornichon”, “gherkin”…

I waited and waited as it was of a pale yellow color, for it to turn into green…

The gardener disapeared, as if he came out of thin air, and no answers were given, the “pickle” is still yellow, but getting bigger and bigger!

I could have taken my Covillot and try to identify it, but no, I decide to share my pickle fairy tale with you in quest of an answer!

Thus I was hopping to try the lacto-fermented-dill-pickles recipe, found in the following blog.

My dill is now dry I have to find fresh new one, unless I can use the dry ?

Dear all,

Let me introduce you to my pickles :


The answer:

Ok, I m lucky to have a good friend A. F-G, that tested the “pickle”, and assured me it was a great cucumber. Therefore, I tried as well…what a good friend I am, testing on my good-willing friends!

Indeed a delicious delicious cucumber !

Therefore, I won t be able to try the above recipe.


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