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An afternoon in Paris

Today Monday 22nd of April 2013.

We are back since 2 weeks from Israel.

My first daughter started feeling sick 4 days before our return. Since our return, 2 weeks with sick daughters at home, the first replaced by the second.

Yesterday night, for an unknown reason, our 2 years old son decided not to sleep!

Since our return, I was looking forward visiting my grand-mother in Paris.
2 hours and 5 minutes of train!
But I keept pushing it back as my daughters needed to be back in shape first!

Last night at 4 am I though not again!
And I knew that if I couldn’t make my trip to Paris today, it would not be before the 8 of May.

After a white night, my son and I finally feel back to sleep at 5.30 am!

9.30 am, I wake up, and think, oh no! It won t be today!

10 am, I say to myself, to tired to do any of the planed things today…
Not in the mood to study, do paperwork, my son missed kindergarden, not in the mood to buy groceries ( I should, after 2 weeks of child sickness we are running out of the basic, even if my husband refilled the essential ), not in the mood to cook, to stay home with my son in an half bad mood!

Ok then let’s go… Let’s go to Paris, that is what I really would like to do…
I m tired of postponing my visit, there is always a good excuse, especially when you have 3 children.

I check the schedule of the next train! 12.08! Call a friend to pick up my 2 daughters from school, my babysitter until my husband comes back from work.

A quick shower for my son and I, getting dressed. I pack an other set of clothes for us ( pants underwear, teeshirt socks and wipes, some bread and rice crackers, a paracetamol in case my son has fever, his rice chocolate milk and a bottle), the iPad, his pirate book, my credit card, phone some cash our id and of we go. On the bus, 10 mn to the train station, buying the tickets, and on the train.

I can t believe it! We did it!

2 hours later we arrive in Paris, get a taxi to visit my grandma at her retirement home, the taxi wait outside and we go for a coffee at the champs elysee.

It s like a dream!

It’s 3.20 pm I order chicken and fries for my son, and coffee and nems with chicken for me, an ice cream for my grand-ma, a coffee for the lady taking care of my grandma the afternoon.

In Paris, there is no time limit for things, you can always have lunch diner or breakfast almost everywhere at any time.

When I was student after going out clubbing we where often getting food around 4/5 am, sometimes a kebab, a sandwich a breakfast or just home made pasta, or driving to opera, and eating seafood! I guess I was the only crazy one to order “bulots” ( sea snails,) at 4/5 am, it was great.

It s a special city.

We went to the Berkeley a restaurant coffee at the bottom of the Champs Élysées, at Franklin Roosevelt, it’s a very chic place, It’s beautifully decorated inside, with wood and carpets, that use to have parties at night when I was 18 years old. 5 minutes. Walking from the Élysée(French president house) And Matignon ( first minister house).

In the back of the retaurant, 2 turning staircases leads to the toilets. They are in woods with carpets… My son found it very funny it was like being in a pirate boats. Plus you could see old books with leather covers in large and high book shelves all around the restaurant.

Really nice and great service.

They did not got afraid of my two years old And it’s stroller and helped us well.

Encouraging my son by there nice and quiet behavior to respect others without saying a word.

The atmosphere was cosy, quiet but not silent nor boring, classy.
Actually really French in it s class and discretion.

Across the street, you have a nice park with a merry go round. Swings and a children theater. ” guignol”



We were lucky with this nice weather.

It was truly a great afternoon.

Brought back my grandmother home around 5.30 pm, and arrived just on time to the train station 6.28 pm to buy tickets and jump on the 6.40 pm train back to LUXEMBOURG, arrived at 8.48 pm, picked up by my husband.

That was truly a magical day!

A funny coincidence that day, both in both taxi I took, the taxi drivers ( one man on the way to go and one women on the return) had 5 children, the man had 5 girls, the women had 4 boys and a girls. All kids had same age, from 23 years old, and both seconds where in 4th year of medical school! Amazing coincidence.

Pps: while I was in the train, reading a magazine, ( really fast) I found a commercial using a great picture. It really remind me of Parisian apartments, wanted to share. ( not aiming to make advertisement for them… Here under)


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