Tel Aviv by night, street art. Israel

You must have guessed by now.
We spent two wonderful weeks in Israel.

It was truly great.

We left Luxembourg, tired and under the snow.

We arrived in the night, and Bearly needed no sweatshirt on.

Everything gets better with good weather.

The sun light, the wind refreshing the warm air, the smell of the flowers, of the trees, of the sand and of the sea.

One thing, I also like was the energy of the city and of the people.

I enjoyed discovering art at each street corner.

Here some of my discoveries.

Hope you’ll enjoy as well.









8 thoughts on “Tel Aviv by night, street art. Israel

    1. It is indeed a great place, and a great country.
      Really great to go at your age, lots of parties.
      Great as well after, but once you have children, you have to depend on babysitters…

    1. It was réally surprising, enlighted, and pretty, a bit ” decalé” out and in place.

      It was in jaffo the old part of tel aviv also known as the Arab part of the city.

      So it showed an Arab woman traditionally ( covered) and smoking a cigarette.

      Amusing could be an adjective to depict this painting. It is indeed a very politically correct way of describing the effect this painting gives.

      I really like the joy of this image.
      ( though I m not for cigarette for health reason, but I respect freedom of choice…)

      Makes me thing of Rousseau who said ” la liberte de Chacun s arrete où celle des autres commence” meaning
      Freedom of one, stops where start the one of another.

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