An unexpected present

As I was watching my roses bouquet ( earlier post), I remember my last day living in Paris.

It was Thursday 26 September 2003. The next day I was to take the train to move to Luxembourg. The plan was, getting out of my parents’ house, Finish my studies and start working in Luxembourg, but just for a year.

While I was studying in Paris, I was working next to it to earn money. One of the jobs I did, which was more  of a dream than a job, was dressing models during fashion shows in Paris. I did it for three years, each fashion show’ season.

As I started to be more experiment, they were hiring me for more events and more difficult or peculiar tasks.

They called me on September 25, 2003, to propose me a job for one full day on the next day. As I had already packed my bags, and said yes,  anyway, as I couldn’t resist such an offer. Bonus point my best friend was part of a crew, a good opportunity to be together.

So September 26 early in the morning we took the car to the Chateau de Versailles. We were 6 dressers and a dresser in chief.

It was a beautiful day, full of sun and the Chateau de Versailles looked fabulous. We discovered that we would work for a Chopard event. (They were presenting there jewlery collection).  Hundreds of persons were already working on creating an exceptional setting for an unforgettable evening.

Florist where dressing the columns of the castle, a red carpet was installed from outside in the garden’s alley to the entrance of the room where the diner would take place.

All this excitement was magic. Always loved to see the backstage and the final result of events.

The chief called us and was about to tell us what was the program of the day, when she stopped and turned to me. She said, as it is your last day before moving, you will have the right to choose the model you’ll be assisting for the day.

She named 6 famous models, and I chose Naomi Campbell. They all looked at me laughing. I said why are you laughing? And before they could answer, the models arrived and each of us went with the model we were assisting for the day.

I was in heaven, unless other models, Naomi Campbell was really stunning even in normal life. (Some of them not being so pretty without make up or photo treatment). She was quite discrete and very nice to me. We had a great day, we discussed  my moving plans, my studies, she did her make up, and the day was moving slowly toward the evening and the show.

As usual adrenaline filled our body as the show started, each of us had a role to play and we needed to be fast and precise.

It always seems to be fast and slow, and then, the end arrives and the models and event director gets applauded and each of the models received this huge flowers bouquet full of roses of different colors.

Naomi Campbell return to the place we where occupying back stage, and she thanked me for the help I gave her that day and gave me her beautiful bouquet.

I was surprised and pleased, it is usual for the models to thank there dresser, even if some don’t even bother, but to give me this present and wish me luck, was quite special.

My colleagues where in chock, and explained me while we were returning to Paris why they were laughing of my choice. They told me that Naomi Campbell had the reputation to be difficult with her assistants, and that they were worried I had conducted my path to a bad day.

From my side, I had a great day and was surprised of what they told me, as she had been very nice to me.

I don’t know if Naomi Campbell remembers me, but when I see a roses’ bouquet I often think of that day.

(I attach to this post the badge I had for the show, I found it back yesterday in my old agenda)photochopard


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