Weekly Photo challenge : Phoneography challenge: My neighborhood









“My phone and me”, we love to grasp moments, emotions, sometime it’s blurry, sometime it’s usual, but it is. It cease time for a fragile instant.

When I read about this challenge, I first thought of the colors of flowers in the early spring, at the Bleu sky.

When I looked around I saw only snow, as it invaded us again. Sun was there today, and I thought colors.

I decided to look for colors through the snow around my house.

Mysterious alchemy on that White Sea.

Turning around, the sun draw a “fishy” tree on a house across the street.

Color again rising from the night embracing the city.

Thank you for letting us search and share beyond the invisible!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo challenge : Phoneography challenge: My neighborhood

  1. Didn’t notice you before or did I? This week, I found you in the Google Search engines. I’m trying to find phoneograophers or like, similar to me. Know of any more? This week’s photo challenge: color… Brought me to you, not by color but by phoneography. I’m finding it’s a real art. I love how you caught the shadow on the house and how you found color in the White Sea. Good eye!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I mostly take pictures with my phone. It is always at hand. Some time I wish I had my Nikon with me but it s so big. Then I try to manage and find an other way to overcome the difficulty.

      I have a plane to catch tonight so I ll look at your blog later. I saw the front page quickly looks great.

      One blog I recommend http://jennijane5.wordpress.com/2013/04/07/snapshot-in-tel-aviv/

      She mostly writes, but she does great snapshots with her phone.

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