Why Paris Lux

I m a French-American girl from Paris, France.

Visiting the US, New york, Miami each year for a couple of weeks.
Always liked the energy of these cities, of these two countries, each full of genuine way of life and freedom.

Who would have though I would move to Luxembourg, and “find/lose/find” myself here.

For the moment“,  that’s the key in Luxembourg: always think you’ll soon move somewhere else!                                         Even if a good friend of mine said one day “Live every day as if it was the last place you will live in” but somehow I can’t resist of thinking of other places to be and to go.

I came as a young adult (22 years old), with a very parisian life and energy. Met the love of my life, made 3 children and travelled…so much…

One of the things I like the most in life, is traveling, discovering life, architecture, customs, people, places and the poetry and energy of life.

As Luxembourg is in the middle of Europe, we have kept on moving, at the beginning 4 week-end out of 5, then a bit less as we got more logistic. But as we can’t stand still more than a month, I will share with you my discoveries.

Places, peoples, atmosphere, dreams.


7 thoughts on “Why Paris Lux

  1. Bonjour Mme Lux

    Always full of bright vibrant pictures and enjoyable words and, like many others, l have always wanted to know how to make a suitcase. You really need a like everything button – l would probably press it twice;


    P.S. Yes l do and this is what l have to take every day to stay healthy. The keys are habitually by my side in case l need to get help.

    1. Thank you very much for all your kind words.
      I see your posts are always full of “colors”, therefore I applause you for saying yes to a good life with your necessary routine. We somehow all have something to fix, but not all of us can be applauded for smiling to life.

      A tres bientot


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