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How to make a suitcase

Who would have though that it was an art.

I once met a Latvian girl who was a master at it.
She had the smallest, and most efficient suitcase, tailed to suit all circumstances.
She just pulled out from her closet what was matching and putting her into her advantage. Not more than what was needed.
Only matching sets, prepared in advance.

Really changes from my Parisian girlfriends suitcases that where bigger than them, embarrassing to pull and carry around, and for what result: being all sweaty, exhausted and needing 2 days recoveries of the effort just made.

I used to be right in the middle, a bit to much still, but improving every time.

I will post example of “standard” packing list, for one, for two for more, including children.

Example for a week holidays : ( reasonable suitcase)

To adapt depending on the weather:

For a woman:

1 dress casual chic for the evening
1 skirt ( evening matching ex: black)
I day dress
1 short ( preferably one that could be worn day/ night ex: with tights)
1 long pants or Jean
1 long sleeve top
2 evening like tops
2 tee-shirt
2 sleeves less tee-shirts
One jacket ( vest)
One cardigan ( can be worn open or closed)
One shawl or light scarf
2 swimming suits
1 pareo ( if summer)
Night wear
1 pair of sandals or sports shoes or tong
1 pair of high heals shoes
If cold weather hat gloves boots.

1 toilet bag with ( tooth brush, tooth paste, brush, (soap, shampoo, cream, if not at your holiday place)) ( hotels will generally provide vanity sets etc)
Your make up
Your perfumes or samples
1 pack of Kleenex
Your papers ( id)
Your money ( cards)
Phone and accessories
Some accessories belt earrings etc
Small hand bag for the evening
Small empty bag for laundry or if you buy things to bring home.

For my Latvian friend:
Her suitcase for a week:

1 shirt
1 short
1 long pants
4 tops
I cardigan or sweater
1 jacket
1 sport shoe
1 high heals
Accessories ( watch earrings necklace, ring)
Swimming suit.
A shawl
Toilet bag.

Believe it : it’s enough and. She always looked fresh ( she washed some of her cloth the evening to dry for the next day).

For a man:

2 pants ( one casual one chic)
1 or 2 short or Bermuda ( if summer)
If winter one sport pants
2 polo
5 tee-shirts
3 shirts at least depending on your going out program
1 jacket
2 sweaters
1 pair of sport shoes
1 casual chic pair of shoes
I or 2 swimming trousers
Toilet bag
Papers money etc

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  1. a nice post in french, but video, on the art of making a suitcase

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