Do you some time recall And dream of past flavors, a taste, a dish, a meal, And more…

Since I Have tried Julian Medina’s tacos ceviche, And more, I can’t stop thinking about the next occasion to Have one more.

Each bite Is so refined and balanced, it s never too much, and still not too little.

I have to confess that you have to hold yourself from ordering again and again.

Wether it s fish, meat or sea food, the herbs or veggies employed brings the acidity or peps or softness needed, and the sauce brings the spice and smoothness balancing the crunch … It s an explosion of savors! Une explosion de saveurs en bouche!

Always a good ambiance and happy mood.

Luckily they opened in different parts of town, I have not tried all locations but might end up trying them all to find more excuses to eat this delicious cuisine … 

I have rarely found food to dream about… Toloache is as good as beautiful and in a great ambiance.

A must go if you pass by NYC…

On these words wishing you a good night or good day..

Press here to get access to their website and location

I have to admit I was so busy eating I did not even think about taking a picture before enjoying my order… I ll use some of the pictures posted on Julian Medina’s page to give you an idea.. Vous mettre d eau à la Bouche !

(Once again : pictures not taken by me…)

P.S. A great place to go in larger group it s very convivial … But perfect alone you will never be alone while enjoying such delicious food, two for a date or any number …the point is not to miss an occasion 🙃
And as a bonus check Julian s Medina Facebook page for his guacamole recipe.

A bientôt





Quiet and rainy Sunday in LUXEMBOURG , Walking around in the mood for a coffee.

Ended up having a Madelaine ( french pâtisserie ) with a latte in this lovely cosy place, created by Lea Linster.

She is Luxembourgish and one of the few women that counts amount top chef in the world. She has 2 restaurants in LUXEMBOURG ( one holding a one star michelin since 25 years) and this tea/coffee shop.

She made the Madelaine her star.

Her shop is right next to the grand-ducal palace.

She remains nice, smiling to her guest and tries to share her love of cooking and good products.

I love the way she describes her

Madelaines ” ingredients: sugar, butter, flour, almond, eggs, secret and love” with love lea Linster

I love persons with character love and a sharing sense. It s a life philosophy that I respect.

P.s. if you want to see one of the Madelaine, watch carefully they are hidings in the flowers.

If you want to have a look, check her web site