img_7150Long time Not on my blog, but busy on Instagram and on the streets…

 December  pointed his pretty nose at our doorstep…

Wishing you all Only happy thoughts and happy news.

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Have a great week



I took this picture with my iPhone 4.
Most of the pictures taken on that blog are with it.

Took our puppy 3 month old, off for a little round in the neighborhood.

As we went to the bakery, I could not enter with our dog.

I was a little nervous, letting him outside.
It’s our first dog and he’s quite young.
So I attached him outside and was closely watching him while waiting.

He was behaving very well, quiet and watching around.

When I saw the ray of light and the shadow, the red pilar behind, the discrete glow on the metal… Just tried my best to act fast and grasp the moment.

Hope you’ll enjoy it as well.


Wishing you all a lovely week-end.

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