It has been a while I wanted to share with you my favorite restaurants in NYC. This time I chose to do it through a map. Super handy. I ll add more restaurants to it in the week to come and other maps will follow, best park, my favorite museums and many more.


Pour vous une liste de mes restaurants favoris à NYC profitez bien:

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Some tips on my top french restaurants:

1/Maison Harlem, love the food the ambiance the wine, it’s just like being in Chaletet les Halles in Paris or la butte Montmartre. Their ratatouille is amazing and there merguez home made, duck, tarte flambée…

2/La tarte Flambé highly recommended, to be tried asap

3/ If I want French or Swiss Raclette, I ll go to ( Lower East Side)

4/Orsay for everything

5/ Demarchelier for the cheese fondue

Just click on the  Map… bon appetit


New York is a booming city!Certainly one where time and money has nothing to do with the rest of the world.
Wether you live there, or, come for a day or, a week, you need to decide on your pace!
You’ll only be able to enjoy what you decide as you ll never be able to make it all.
There is always more, for better or worst it all depend on you and your taste and wishes.
I have gathered a list of my favorite restaurant, bars and coffee place.

Just because you have to start somewhere I ll start with Bread! Cakes! Cupcake a! Cookies! Brunches and sometimes more !

Pain quotidien 

I Just Love all of it, plus it is ORGANIC So important for me, (especially in the U.S. Where most of the wheat is either not organic and or GMO). They are all over town, I like the one on 65th and Lexington, i Love its High ceilling.

You ll fine Bread, cakes, Brunches, lunches… And price is as good as the spreads 😉 very good spread and jam. Raisonnable for NYC! I Love these place.
(Petit +: 2 are open in central parc)

Magnolia backery 



So pretty! 

Magnificent cup cakes, cakes… Plus taste delicious.

They have a shop in Bloomingdales and one in Bleecker st ( with a little park you can sit at), but the one on the west side offers seating. 
O Merveilleux


 Simply merveilleux ! Small and cute, délicious! The chef is amazing, he loves. What he makes and bake and you can feel it. It is from far the best European (French/ Belgium) backery of New York! And it feels home. You can as in Europe stay in, it s a very warm atmosphere and a real break from the city. 

My personal favorite 

1509 2 nd avenue At the corner 79 st and 2 nd av, upper east side.


The closest you Can find in term of french backery in NYC, And Nice seating as well.

Alice tea cup



My favorite is chapter 2.

Kids Will Love it as They enter a spécial univers, get to wear fairy Wings when They arrive and fairy dust when They leave.
Great as well for any tea lover, as well Great scones and muffins.
As in other places you CAN try walk in the week, but week end really Think about booking ahead.

Hungarian Pastry shop

At Morningside heights

1030 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10025 next to the cathedral St John the divine.



Not long ago  I have discovered an amazing backery in front of the St John’s the divine cathedral upper west side towards Harlem! I was heading for the peacocks in the cathedral’s park and could not resist to the appeal of the “Hungarian tea room”. On top of the delicious chocolate cake and cookies, you enter a litteracy world, on the steps of many writers as well as many Columbia’s students! I bet my father has been there some years ago.
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Arcachon! France 

La c(o)orniche ( 2 pictures on the down left just above, and on the upper right corner under)

New York ( except for The beach, le Pyla France)

Harlem Tavern

Top of the Rock 

Lego store Rockefeller center 

Metropolitan THE MET 


Bordeaux, France,
Le Chien de la Pavlov ( above )

45/47 rue de la Devise – 33000 Bordeaux
CONTACT +33 5 56 48 26 71

Bordeaux, and Elvis, great desert and photographs!

13, rue des Piliers de Tutelle

33000 Bordeaux

Contact +33(0)5 56 81 85 79
arcachon place and le Pyla, ( la Coorniche) France,

Bordeaux, France 

New York, USA, upper east side!  

Above, Antonucci  café delicious Italian

170 E 81st St New York, NY 10028, United States

New York, Chelsea Pier, midtown, USA


A mix match… 

Paris, New York, France, USA ! 

Both part of me….
Wishing you a great week end