Amsterdam, one of my favorite cities.

Very surprising city where you like to lose yourself.

It’s not small, it’s not big, it has so many atmosphere, and still a unity. As you watch the map, you’ll see that the city is constructed in circles. If you don’t pay attention, you may go back on your departure point, or pass in front of the same place indefinitely. Ok indefinitely is a bit exaggerated.

As Paris or New York, you like to linger and discover it by foot.

If you like biking, feel free, it’s the perfect place to be. Boats are also an alternative.

Anyhow, don’t forget a good pair of shoes.

Most of the street have pavements. Sidewalks are mainly narrow. Bikes riders are queens and kings.

Don’t forget to watch out for trams, they are fast and furious.

If you have one or more young kids, think strollers or bike with carriage. You can also hop on and of Tram.

If they are at least 5 years old, make them walk and let them beware of bikes.

If you have a stroller, keep in mind that most of the shops, restaurants are narrow and have steps to get in. No worries, ask help and it will be fine.

In some rare cases you’ll have to give up your stroller, too narrow, you’ll come back in a couple of years, or give up your stroller for the occasion.

I have walked around Amsterdam from my first baby to my third, and it’s really doable, if you like walking, discovering places, be surprised, please do. It is such and enchanting city.

You’ll find thousand of things to do with and without kids.

My favorite restaurants:

  • Nooch (Thai, vietnamese, japonese style) Super for lunch or diner. My favorite plate: Pho Bo, and for dessert Yukimi. If you like tea ask for green tea in a pot.
  • Villa Zeezicht
    Torensteeg 7 1012TH corner of Herengracht  Amsterdam Nederland T 020-6267433, Restaurant bar café typical and very nice. The best Appel tart in Amsterdam price range for lunch or diner  10/20€ per person or less off you have a brootje ( sandwich ).
  • 20130601-011030.jpg
  • Moeders I love this place, decoration a bit kitsch but so sweet and lovely that you ask for more. the food is typical and family like, with a good quality. A place not to be missed.
    Rozengracht 251
    1016 SX Amsterdam
  • Pannenkoeken house the place to go for typical pancakes. Big enough to hold large groups. On the canals.
  • Toos&Roos, breakfast and lunch, great soups, carrot cakes with brown sugar, and many other delicious things to eat. I was yesterday on the one of the Herengacht 309! It’s small, but cosy, they have a Terrass, and such a great welcoming. I was with my 3/6 and 8 years old, plus the stroller! They helped me with the stroller, arranged us 2 tables together…great service, healthy and tasty food, nice athmosphere. Great alone, or in couple as well. (On 29/10/13) phone number 00 31 (0)203303226

They have a second Toos&Roos on the Berenstraat 28, in the 9streets! It replaced MokA

Tel: 00   31 (0)20626230 price range, for my 3 kids and I: 41€ in. Total, I took 4 plates and drinks! Very reasonable. (  good portion, kids did not finished there plates)

  • Toscanini, in the Jordaan, an Italian restaurant, great athmosphere, it’s an Italian style decoration, tho “dutchisé”, you need to reserve otherwise impossible to get a table. Food is good, service fine, you can come alone, at 2 en amoureux, or with kids.

I was getting very curious, 3 years my. Husband kept talking about it, and as you need to book 1 or 2 weeks in advance, I made up a story in my head! Did he dated someone there, just kidding, tho the waitress and waiter are good looking ;-), it was always impossible to book a table, when he was with me and we are mainly last mn style. This time he booked in advance. I though it was these very traditional Italian restaurant, and when we were approaching, I was thinking, oh we need to take the number of this place to come an other time. Then my husband told me, but we are arrived!

Nice, very nice trattoria looking, all in white, with remote vintage epicErie decoration. simple Italian with the Dutch touch of clean clear and trendy Dutch touch. Good alone, at 2, en amoureux, with children or groups. price: a plate around 15€.
remember you need to reserve in advance:
Lindengracht 75
1015 kd Amsterdam tel +31(0)206232813

  •  Sapporo, a great Japanese restaurant, specialized in Teppanyaki

Scheldestraat 99, Amsterdam ( Amsterdam south)
00 31 (0)204710039


Price 25€ for a children menu, plate around 26€, adult menu from 39€.
It is worth it, with or without kids, it is a show on itself, makes me think of Benihana in New York. they cook in front of you, and the food is of a very good quality.

       My favorite neighborhoods :

9 straatjes ( lots of nice small shops, restaurants and bars)

De Jordaan ( also, nice shops, restaurants, and small playground, a shop if you need something for kids, in town, what’s up baby )

Herenstraat is one of my favorite street while you go from center to Jordaan, Dr Blender on number 23, you’ll find Jamhl welcoming you with smoothies in his hands and a selection of raw cookies! But most of all, a great smile, and no discouragement to enter at he view of 3 kids a dog and me!
Really great product, welcome and delicious blender’s juices/smoothies.
While you walk the street toward Jordaan, (niew kerk, with on Monday morning a great market) you’ll find toys store, deco shop, clothing, kids shoe’s store, Spanish Greek and other very nice little restaurant…..

A glimpse to the Jordan:

– I also like the south of Amsterdam, you find suddenly a lot of space, spacious streets, and the Vondel PARK.

To do with kids:

En plus du shopping,

1/ My favorite theater for de Toverknol. 15 minutes by foot from the flower market, next to the antique corner. A small and cosy place, with quality shows full of energy and passions. the kids will enjoy even if they don’t understand dutch. As you come in, children will find lots of cloth to dress up. Tea drinks and cookies are available for all before, during and after the show.


shows especially on Wednesday. Don’t forget to book.

2/ Artis, the zoo of Amsterdam, don t be afraid of the queue, if there is one, it goes fast, and believe me I hate queue.

3/ Hortus botanicus botanical garden one of the greatest collection of plants ( living) in Europe.

4/ The Jewish children museum, Joods historisch Museum, a mini Brooklyn Jewish children museum, a great experience

5/ Mme Tussaud, is a funny place to go with kids, it match the Musée Grévin in Paris. Always does it’s tricks.

6/ Nemo is a fun place to visit with the kids, its cultural, educational, you can’t go there for less than 3 hours, so much things to see and do. It makes me think of the Citta di bambini in Genoa, my kids love it, every time and at every ages.

Oosterdok 2, 1011 VX Amsterdam, Pays-Bas

+31 20 531 3233

There is a huge and good boat chinese while you walk back towards the station.

7/ the Central library of Amsterdam is also not to be left out. If you visit Nemo you can pass by it before or after. It’s architecture is very beautiful, thus in the kids section you have a gigantic Mouse’s house (not alive).

8/ To the Movies

The Pathe Tuschinski. This one is absolutely gorgeous

Some of my favorite shops:

For a nice and funny present, for kids, or happy people, Jarig
Between he Daam, the Jordaan, and not far from the 9 streets.
Oude Leiliestraat 16,
1015Aw Amsterdam
Tel 0031(0)207549285
Barbara de Vlam, is always welcoming you with a smile.




The Otherist, a real cabinet de curiosité, you will found things you won’t find somewhere else, from beautiful jewelry to butterfly framed…( I know, makes me inks about Tinkerbell, and I could not have them at home, but it’s envoutant in that shop, and there is much more to find.
Leiliestraat 6,
1015DE Amsterdam

00 31. (0)203200420

Do not hesitate to come back on his page.
Always, more tips to come.




1/ Very child and dog friendly, thus extremely central: The Krasnapolsky, it’s located at the DAAM, they also offer very nice apartments on the canals, don’t hesitate to ask about it.

2/de Toren

This boutique hotel, baroque style, is Kids friendly, and very romantic, we did both with and without the kids, always great and well located.

3/The College hotel

Located in south Amsterdam, close to most museum, it is a very good experience to make.

It’s a “school”, therefore it is less expensive than a regular 4 star, and yet as good.

I love it’s style, black and glossy.




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  2. Joanne Young

    Thanks for liking my blog

  3. Tavern: Louie’s (the smallest pub on the Dam). Used to sell Amstel exclusively, but I understand such restrictions have now been relaxed. Dang, it’s been 4 years. We’ve wandered the Museuumplein for years. Lekker.

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  5. Nice to be in contact. I visited Amsterdam way back in 1967 so it will have changed a lot, but I did like it very much, it was very friendly and also didn’t come across as a bit city.

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  7. Love Amsterdam Great Blog~ Excited to connect!! Stacey 🙂

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  9. It’s one of my favourite cities to.

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