Yom kippour on 4 Times zone 

Just a little note !

Actuality is a lot about refugee and migrant !

I m not going to compare ourselves with people going through this hard and horrible time. 

War and terror should not be wished for any one.

So why do I speak about them?

Maybe because my family has since the 16 century from as far as I could recall information moved around the globe and I have continued the “tradition”, if we can call it like that.

Is it a choice ?

On my dad’s side, Some part of my family are now settled  at the same geographical location since at least 4 generations.

From  My mom side they had to move country after 3 generations I moved right after my 22nd birthday…
We used to be on 3 time zones and are now on 4!

Let s hope to be on less time zone for the next kippour….

Hatima tova to all…

A good end of the year for all others…


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