Save a Child heart, giving Tuesday and auction still going on.

Dear all,

Tomorrow is giving Tuesday, it s an occasion to support a good cause.

I have among others donated under my name Jessica de Vreeze a photograph to SACH. The amount collected further to that sale will benefit to this organization and the children it is helping. Full donation from my side.

I am so Happy to help a little.
You can bid until 10 December… Times fly.

Save A Child’s Heart or SACH is completely dedicated to the idea that every child deserves the best medical treatment available, regardless of the child’s nationality, religion, color, gender or financial situation.

SACH Young Leadership has more than 10 committees all across the US and in Canada, more than 500 active devoted volunteers and hosts more than 10 fundraising events per year. SACH aim is unlike nothing else. SACH saves children, but SACH also plays a major role in the region.

Last December 2nd , Save a Child’s Heart Young Leadership Group presented its annual

Shop Your Heart Out event
December 2nd
6PM – 10PM
@ Latin Quarters NYC
to support Save a Child’s Heart

It was great and at least 2 child are already “saved” by the funds raised at this event.

Or bid on charity buzz, if you can t come:

Apart from this special event, if you cross this post after the 2 December 2014, feel free to contact me at if you want to purchase this picture or another we will give 10% of the profit to SACH for all sale until January 2015 included.

Gallery and information on price coming soon.

Have a good week.

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