It s a new day, it s a new dawn, and yet it is just history!

Time, coincidence, new life, new step, back in the past of my family, on the foot step of our dreams, and yet toward a challenging future, full of Life!

While in our crazy rhythm, we have lately accomplished a lot!

While advancing fast, and focused on our goal, some interrogation where pointing their nose!
Where are we, what are we doing, why can t we realize, all is going so fast…
Looking back and wondering, where we come from, where to look back, where we are.

To this question many answers, but which one, to be true:?
Paris, France;
USA, Florida, New York;
Eastern Europe;
Amsterdam !


How many language are you speaking ? 3,4, 7! But where are you from!

And, yet, out time is field with war, extremism, racism, but also, Love, life, hope, futility, superficiality!

Where are we, who are we, where are we going, who are we becoming ?

Where to look back, where to look forward?

And yet, a book I bough 1 year ago, and just finished this night, fell into my hands, just some days ago, with such a great timing! coincidence?

I don’t think so! I don’t feel so!
A book of “love”, of faith, in a country where life remains uncertain, but full, where nothing can be taken for granted!
A book filled with humanity, with it’s good and bad, but yet full of optimism!
With fundamental values of family, religions, commitments, friendship and above all of Life!

The little Coffee Shop of Kabul written by Deborah Rodriguez!


How thankful am I to had it through my hands at this very moment of my life!

And a movie, saw only 4 days ago, also full of hope, values, family, fraternity, equality, excellence ! While its story was underlined with violence, loss, racism!

This actuality that worries me and make me sad every day, and for to long now…

To reach out and bring hope, humanity and a Sense of HOME!

How fortunate, am I? Enough to realize it and share those two presents in this trouble time, and yet time of change, and challenge, for me, for us and for many others.

The hundred step journey!

A gift for us, coming from everywhere… And to add to the gift the movie takes place in France, where I grew up and was raised, and where I m not anymore.
This France, who suffers, and seems to pain keeping track of her value…
This movie brings hope, foundation and hope,

As the book did….

Let see where our step will lead, but tonight I am happy I could share this unexpected presents with you !


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