My natural SOS shock remedy : herbal medecine and aromatherapy


Starting feeling sick!!!
We were so lucky last week, 14 Celsius degrees average, sunny weather and suddenly grey and cooler.
Add to it 2 weeks without a full night’s sleep! Thanks dear kids!

And here I am, early in my bed!
But before :
This morning I drank  garlic cloves infused for 10 mn in hot water! Worked well!

Tonight, I am getting the heavy stuff out:

Garlic, Thymus officinalis or serpolet, Rosamarinus officinalis, Salvia officinalis
Put in cold water in a pot, on the stove,  once boiling remove from heat and let it infuse for 10 mn. Then drink up.

They will work together and bring their antibacterial antiseptic powers out, boost and revive your system.


Rosmarinus officinalis

Thym serpolet


Salvia officinalis


All together


Ready to drink


2 drops of each! On my skin ( inside my wrist, behind my ears, on my chest, on the soles of my feet)
Essential oil of ravintsara and eucalyptus radiata. Niaouli would help but I can t stand it; gives me headache !

Good mix to help when starting a winter chill. Can be used on anyone but if used for the first time test first one by one and in small quantities on the inside of the elbow. These oils are not recommended for asthmatics.


As you can see the labels are faded, as I have them always with me in my bag…


Essential oil of Mentha piperita on my forehead temples and under my feet! ( can t be used under 9 years old, nor if pregnant or breast feeding). Will help get fever out ( if fever); will cure the headache ….

These remedies are natural remedies.
If getting worse do not hesitate to visit a doctor….

Warning: regarding the essential oils: you should always use them with care, they are very concentrated and strong. Only few drops. They are hydrophobic. Vegetable oil should be used to remove if used in too big quantity.
All essential oil can not be used by all, please make sure they can be used by you before using. ( ex: all of them are not suitable for pregnant women before 4 months, breast feeding or children under a certain age).

Wishing you all good Heath….a good night…

Day 2:

After a good night sleep my remedy has operated its magic. As it works and heals, it does make you a bit sweaty and tired. Good news as it confirms that it is working its way through your body….
I have no more pain in my joints, my throat is much better…

Continuing today….

Have a good day.

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