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Wish list: traveling…. Are we up to something


I really need to come up with a good idea:

For now, Here are the countries and places I want to travel to:
List A: my dream free list, no boundaries,

1/Portland, Oregon, USA
3/New Zealand
5/Hawaii, thanks to Jessica Doffelmeyer’s blog and pictures!
6/England, country side, sea-side, thanks to the people sharing pictures on twitters (Swines Meadow @rareplants, Alison level @papaver, Hardys Plants @hardyplants, The Wollies @WoollyGreen, Dottycookie @SalixArts and many more check my tweeter if you wish @JessideVreeze )! And next to London to see Harry Potters’ studio
8/Ireland again
10/ India
11/la maison d ‘Arlette in the mountains not far from the mountains near Grenoble in France ( again)
12/Portugal with my friend “Owl”
13/ Brittany again!
14/ Italy, open business as always
15/ Romania

List B, my travel need list! Priority:
As when your family and friends are scattered around the world, we made a priority to see them no matter the distance or at least to make it matter less…or try to pretend it does not matter (as it does, practically and money wise)

1/ USA Albany to see my grand ma
2/ USA Miami sunrise etc Florida to see family and because we love that part of the US
3/USA New York to see my dear Macarony and family
A note for myself 1/2/3 can be planed in one trip! As usual! And, yes it is tiring specially with 3 kids, but worth it and never long enough!
4/Paris France, to see my grand na family and friends, planed next week-end,
5/London to meet princess El
( could be combined with A.6, no I m not playing “bataille navale”)
6/from 5 weeks on, Amsterdam to meet little baby V.
7/Normandy to meet princess Sarah.
8/ Bordeaux France to meet the super Tweens and see their glorious parents, and because Bordeaux is a great place to be.
(Point B.7 and B.8.
(we could meet up in Paris, would be easier, or in Lux))
9/drôme France for my herbal studies ( June )
10/ Lyon France idem
11/ switzerland to see our sweet Irish/French friends ( could be combined, with the B9 and 10)
12/Israel, Tel Aviv and further to attend the wedding of in our Belgium family and see our family there, always a good reason to travel to this beautiful country. ( a piece of our summer 2014)

Wouah my head is spinning I need idea! Courage, and strength to let traveling be a pleasure and not a pressure 😉

I wished for a life of traveling and I received more than I wished for our life is traveling!

We are just back from week in Holland ! A mix of work and school holidays, driven by my 3 Wild kids and our dogs! This week was breathless…and yet I think ahead!

Sometimes, I can’t stand traveling anymore, and after more than 4 weeks or 5, I start feeling the thirst of it again!
When it’s to much I stop for 2 months and try to resource myself in Luxembourg.

Tonight I am happy to be back, normally going again is Paris next week end and for us( kids and puppy) not moving until 4 April…ouf… husbany, brief breathing and many traveling in between….

P.S.: traveling include, children, husband and dog ( most of the time).
For those wondering, yes we travel with our dog, he came back with us from Friesland in November, than back to Amsterdam once 5 December and twice this week with a brief stop in Breda, Den Haag, etc in the meantime, he came with us to Evian for Christmas, than Provence to see family and south of France and Burgundy…
And he’s a great traveler.
Only issue, will be USA but we found a super cosy pension, and some country like Australia or New Zealand that ask to long quarantine to bring him along… But wherever he can come he will….

So any ideas in my quest are welcome ! In the meantime I’ll enjoy some time in Lux….Small country very propice for traveling 🙂


As it is nice to have some images, you can admire this great idea: a lost and found object’s fence in the Vondel Park in Amsterdam. I just love this idea!

The following is To read only if you have energy to lose:

Come one, are you ever going to search for a lost glove in the list and found on a city? For example in Paris you have a huge one, but in from my 0 to 24 years old, when I was living there, I have never even attempted taking the time to go there and look up for something… I know it’s an absurd example but it explain it all.
And after a week in Amsterdam I’m lawfully granted a crazy quote! Quote of my raw though! Ok I ll stop there sorry…

4 comments on “Wish list: traveling…. Are we up to something

  1. I too love Jessica’s blog! Reading yours left me breathless….hope you get to fulfil those travel dreams….not doing bad so far!

    • Thanks for your words and encouragement. took me a minute to understand, as my name is also Jessica. Hopeje makes it easier not to mix. She is amazing at showing what she sees, either though photo or writing….

  2. Bonjour Jessica

    I’m tired just reading this god knows where you will find the stamina but we wish you luck and have fun.



    • Thank you so much Dan,
      I fill tired at the though of it as well.
      Decided to contre-attaquer today and staid home in nightware. Will recover my strength from tomorrow as Monday ask for movements. thanks to my post the Normandy/princess Sarah has been solved, and we’ll meet up somewhere… Just need to organize. Have a good evening. Jessica

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