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Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie | reflection in the window / sun light /The Daily Post

Today, the sun was glowing so much, I could not resist and accept his game, and his present!

As I was looking through the window I suddenly saw myself, as clear a if, I was sitting on the other side of the window.

The picture was tricky to take, as I was at a lecture and surrounded by people.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie | The Daily Post

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8 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie | reflection in the window / sun light /The Daily Post

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  2. Impressive! I’d never have guessed you were in a lecture had you not told nice work!

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  4. What was the lecture about?

    • It was about art, icone. I did not know anything about it. It was a Romanian artist that was presenting his “work” and icone’s ( private collection) from 12 century until now. Quite a privilege. I have interest in all art. This was organized in a Russian and Japanese gathering. Interesting combination.

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