Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noël to all believing In Santa Claus

To all others wishing you a great evening, 

To thoses working, thank you for giving your evening to others.

What I like about Christmas time,

The smile on faces,

The reunion, ( by the way, noone should wait for christmas to meet up with their family and friends)

If your alone and not pleased with it, do not stay alone, I am sure if you knock on a door, they’ll be a place for you.

Ok, now a days, as always, we need to check it s not a robbery, but that won’t be the case in most of cases, just the exception, so keep it positive.

And I love, really love movies played on tv for Christmas time.

I also love  lights and decoration during Christmas time, to enlight winter and the lack of leafs an flowers….

Maybe we’ll be lucky enough to meet Santa or his elves tonight….hold on to your childhood memories, rewind, remember how hopeful and feverish you we’re at the idea tocatch Santa on the act of distributing his present, the attemptthou made not to fall asleep and spy on him.

Hold on to your dreams, to your âme d’enfant (child soul).

Just believe in what you want, reaming is nice, especially when you are awake!


Bonne soirée









Bears are rearranged by our second daughters!

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