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Weekly photo challenge: horizon. Quiet streets in Luxembourg


Luxembourg is known for is Indian fall ” été indien“.
Since this Monday and after a rather cold September and October, we fell inTo it. By by coats , scarf and hat, 22 Celsius degres lucky us.

Yesterday evening,
We did not take our car, and went out with friends, no jackets, just a light sweater. After a nice diner
We head toward the door
To our big suprise, a big shower was awaiting us. Of course no umbrella, but this beautiful and cosy perspective. I took a picture, and was awaiting an occasion to post it. This challenge is a perfect occasion.

More of this challenge:

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Ps: a big thank you to our friends, both for the evening and for lending us an umbrella to walk home.

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It's all about love, life, and the pursuit of happiness I m a French-American girl from Paris, France. Visiting the US, New york, Miami each year for a couple of weeks. Always liked the energy of these cities, of these two countries, each full of genuine way of life and freedom.Who would have though I would move to Luxembourg, and "find/lose/find" myself there. Met the love of my life, made 3 children and much... Let' s not Forget our  dog! With us since  2013.So yes we moved, to NYC, and now Miami, and traveling is still our middle name.One of the things I like the most in life, is traveling, discovering life, architecture, customs, people, places, the poetry and energy of life.Places, peoples, atmosphere, dreams.Enjoy.... PS: the content of my blog, is shared with pleasure, but not free of rights.

11 comments on “Weekly photo challenge: horizon. Quiet streets in Luxembourg

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  7. What a beautiful picture. I especially love the way the lighting colors the trees and reflects in the street.
    Thank you for visiting my blog 🙂

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