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Hotel Carducci 76


Let me share with you one of the place I love returning the most.

10 years ago, I wanted to find a special place to celebrate an occasion “en amoureux“lovers like”

I found the hotel Carducci 76, in the Herbert Ypma book! though it was beautiful, loved the minimal, colonial, black and white decoration, and right by the sea.


Then I learned more of This hotel’s history. It was “created” by Alberta Ferretti and her brother. Therefore, fashion designer, and showbiz people often stayed at this hotel, very handy, for them as well as they can work on their collection…

Checked the flights, rental car etc…had a discussion with the hotel director, we were young and at the beginning of our carrier, he was nice, understanding and you felt his warmth and sympathy. He found me a great solution, and we were set to come. It was a surprise for my fiancé’s birthday. He did not know where we were going.

It was simply a wonderful week-end, we feel in love with the place and created a great connection with the director and the staff of the hotel. I guess, we all won from this first contact.

3 kids later, we still come back as much as we can, to ressource ourself. Mostly with the kids, but also once alone and once with friends.

The atmosphere of the hotel, is so quiet, zen, nice, confortable and elegant, that you forget what’s all around. And this is “un tour de force” quite peculiar, as Cattolica is a quite popular, family orientated beach city. We ignored this detail when we first stayed at the hotel. As our first stay was in May, it was ok, the city was not busy and we could just imagine how it would be in a busy season, with the rows of transate “beach’s bed”, the lines of playgrounds for kids, the quantity of restaurant etc…

It turned out to be fine as it consisted then on the perfect combination coming back with our children to the hotel. Peace and quiet, in the room, the hotel, the swimming pool, the garden, and kids euphoria as soon as you set a foot out, merry-go-round, gelateria ice cream shop (3 years ago a great gelateria opened, it’s called Peter panna, I’ll say more in an other post (even sale extraordinary non dairy ice creams), etc….


I guess, we like Cattolica, it’s a charming little city with nice shops etc, but it would be nothing for us without this hotel.

A very nice clothing shop in Cattolica


funny it sells mostly French cloth. Don’t misunderstand me, I love italian clothing as well! But I love the way she chooses her collection and presents it. Only bough cloths once there, kids, hard to try on with them, but still can do du léche vitrine (watch ).photo

This hotel, Our little madelaine de proust.

Next step share it with our family (parents) maybe next May? August is far too crazy period. This year in particular, we have never seen Cattolica so crowed, yet we had a great time. (picture below taken last week 10 pm or the rush hour on the center’s streets)

photo 2 photo 1

I of course made sure before writing this post, they would always find a space for us, the hotel is already often fully booked, if you pass in Italy and in this region (Emily Romagna) make yourself a favor and enjoy a moment there, for a late macciato, an espresso, a meal, a brunch (miam (yummy)) or a stay.

To enjoy the view some pictures press the following link :

NB: All pictures taken and published on this blog, are taken by me, mostly with my iPhone, the drawings were made by me (all right reserved).

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  1. Ciao, I’m Alessandro, Peter Panna’s owner. I would like to thank you for have mentionated our icecremery in your post. Please let us recognize you in case you come back in cattolica AND please copy us in you next posts. Ciao

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