Ben Mazué – french singer /// Benjamin Clementine – English singer

I discovered them on the radio, while driving my car!
Had to memorize their names and search!
Yes we still have a brain ! And yes it can instant memorize while driving!
Happy by this discovery as well 😉

Anyhow, I could not resist on sharing it with you.

Two different universe, both worth it!

Benjamin Clementine

English artist singer, discovered in the parisian subway Metro!
I was amazed by the warmth and rythme in is voice!

His mini-album


Got out on June 10 2013! Listen and appreciate.


An other singer this time French discovered in a French singing festival in Avignon.

Ben Mazué</strong

One of the extract is a song in English "follow"
The rest in French!
La règle des trois unitées is a beautiful and new album!



7 thoughts on “Ben Mazué – french singer /// Benjamin Clementine – English singer

  1. Love the Ben Mazue – I’ve never heard him, but that’s no surprise. He reminds me, in “Follow” of Amy Winehouse. Lovely video, so relaxed and soulful.

    1. Happy you like it. I Was So thrilled with my discovery that I could not resist sharing it.
      Did you get a chance to listen to Benjamin clementine ( could not get a YouTube link but it s worth it )

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