Snap shot of Amsterdam NL – Phoneograpghy

I love Amsterdam !
Yes, I do!

Its houses, its streets, Gouda, all its little treasures, Hofjes (houses and gardens created for the needing ones).

You could be sitting on a bridge ( more than 1200 are crossing Amsterdam’s canals and the Amstel), look at 360 degrees, and discover millions of details.

The hooks on the facade, top of the houses, used to facilitate, moving in moving out, as the staircases of the houses are built really narrow. ( a tax was paid depending on how wide was the facade ( frontage) of the building, so some are constructed long but not wide).

The flowers in front of the entrance doors.

The design on top of the front door, made to represent the utility of the house or the name of the owner.

And to keep feet on the grown, the Dutch design and fashion, they don t have to envy Parisian Londonnien or Newyorker, they have their style and I like it as well!

For the cooking it a an other discussion, but you would not want to miss pankoken ( pankakes) Pofertjes ( small pankakes ) stroopwafles ( waffles with a kind of honey caramel) cheese… And some nice restaurants of all cultures!

My favorites areas the Jordaan and the nine streets but there is much more.

The architecture of each house, boats, not to forget BIKES…

So enjoy the ride…
More will come layer with addresses… keep tuned and don t hesitate to comment and ask if you are in a hurry….20130601-002048.jpg20130601-002113.jpg20130601-002148.jpg

Van Harte modern Dutch cooking very nice ambiance in the 9 streets, Hartenstraat 24, Amsterdam


The view going out of Nemo an interactive museum for kids (science and more) and walking toward the Dam.

Amsterdam is a city were you can walk, with my 3 kids (2/5/8) I walk and stroll for an average of 4 or 5 hours a day, good or bad weather.
Good is better of course.
We take breaks by going on a play ground, visiting something, having lunch or a coffee… This time I did not visit a museum ( except Nemo), we where to happy with the good weather and preferred to stay out. In the outside spirit We when to Hortus,a beautiful botanical garden.


The zoo Artis is also great to do, but we did last time in Amsterdam and even if the kids were in the mood, I wasn’t.

We of course enjoyed a great show at the Toverknol, kids dressed up ( you can borrow your outfit there) I had my coffee and they had there speculos! We saw for our great pleasure “the princess and the pea”

Villa Zeezicht the best Appel tart in Amsterdam a great terrass (torensteeg 7 amsterdam) begind the magna plaza/ and single

One of the best ice cream place in the Jordaan


20130601-011008.jpg20130601-011016.jpg Stach niew spiegelstraat 52, Amsterdam
A bio organic shop and traiteur, in the antique neighborhood, next to kerkstraat where the toverknol theater is! ( great plays for kids, you need to reserve in advance)
10 mn by foot from the flower market.



Let us not forget to congratulate and show our respect to the new queen and king of Holland.

More address as my favorite Asian restaurant Nooch in my previous post

All pictures were taken by me, and copyright as well. Thanks

Pps: a small typo error has entered some pictures, my iPhone word transformation can get in a error hunt! Find it and I ll send you the picture exempt of typo error as a reward.

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