As you know, I have recently started my blog, though I had it in mind for a while.

A blog is to share what you have in mind, in my case, to share what I like, and make you hopefully enjoy it as well.

I am used to advice my friends, family or friend of friends, on good places to go. I am often asked, and I love to look around, imprint a city, find nice and original places and atmosphere.

This blog allows it widely.

I was reading around, and I saw a sentence, written by a blogger “God some people are reading what I m writing”.

Hell yeah, he’s right, what is the point on writing and putting it public if no one is reading.

In my case, I am read and I want to thank the one following my blog, and the one reading it.

Smile and encouragement.


Yes it is still 1st of April, and no it’s not un poisson d Avril.

In France, and largely in different European countries, such as the Netherlands, or in Belgium, Luxembourg…It is the custom to make jokes on 1 st of April.

Children, draw, create and cut their fish designed on paper, color them or not and them stick them with a tape on your back or on you bag or in your bed.

On the attached pictures, you’ ll see a part of my children creativity, knowing we are not home, they had only 2 papers, some stickers, 1 pen one felt-tip pen and no scissors.

It’s a nice tradition. It makes every one laughing, easy laugh, especially kids if you enter their game.

They can also do silly jokes, such as “you have a hole on your top” or “you have a bee on your hat”.

When you get older, more elaborated jokes are made.

For example, my husband, and my sister husband and cousin, took advantage of the time we took to bring coffee, to plot a joke. “Would you mind, if we would go out tonight, up north to a casino, guys only? They pretended a sudden and unexpected call from a very good friend”.
At first we wondered, looked at each other, my sister said ok, and replied, we would take the opportunity the next day for a girls night. (Keep in mind I have 3 children under 8 years old, and she has 2 under 3 years old).
I started retaliating…and stopped! One of them (the cousin) kept playing with my sister’s baby to avoid our eyes, my husband looked really relaxed and my brother-in-law was looking way too happy as well. We are not monsters keeping them in a bubble, more the contrary, but we had an evening already planned and not separated plans.
No way, your “poisson d’avril”ing us! in French/American…that mean you are making us an 1 st of April’s joke, a “fish of April” literally.

Let me know, if you have this custom in your country, and if yes, what was your “poisson d’avril” of the day?

Still a couple of hours to make an other where I am.

You still need to find where I stand (city, country) for the moment.


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