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List, get ready to travel

This stands for 2 adults ( one man one woman) and 3 kids ( boy 2 and a half years old ( training out of nappies), and two girls 5 and a half, and 8 years old).

Where to: warm weather: between 20 to 28/30 degres C.

How long: 2 weeks

How: by plane

Particularity: relaxing holidays, including a big party (2/3days), meaning the need being well dressed from head to toes.

I ll start from the most important to what can be forgotten ( but better to take anyway).

Hand luggage :

The base
1- the passeport (5)
2- health booklet for the kids (3)
3-glasses/ contacts
4- credit card/ cash
5- mobile phone and chargeur ( even if can be forgotten, especially in holidays)

-especially for kids: pain and fever killer
– for all: for stomach ( gastro…)
-if you can for eye infection ( antibiotic in drops)
-couple of bandages
– If asthma ( do not forget what you need, baby haler etc)
– essential oil. Lavender aspic ( good disinfectant and perfect in case of sun burn or more severe burning)
I also take Eucaliptus radie essential oil ( for cold)
-arnica Montana 5 ch homeopathic
– specific products depending who everybody feels before departure ( my case, I ll take airport for cough for my son, and serum physiological).
– sun screen if you need and specific brand

Pay attention not to have more than 100 ml of liquid in your hand luggage if you take the plane. ( sometime medical prescription should accompany medecine)

Add diapers/nappies/a spoon ( yes, we had a spoon issue in December!)/a bottle/ Kleenex ( if your kid have a pacifier don t forget one)/ doudou ( your child favorite toy).
Take one full change for the youngest, and one panty/sox/teeshirt/ legging that can fit the 2 girls.

Book/5 pencils ( gray and 4 colors) iPad/ photo camera

Try to travel light
We will try to take 2 luggages
2 buggies.

1/ kids

All the underwear I can take ( he still has accident )/ socks
1 pair of shoes
1 pair of beach shoes ( crocks, tongs,…)
2 complete outfits ( party) (dressed up)
2 pants ( as potty training maybe more)
2 jogging s
5 short pants
2 sweaters
1 jacket
7 top with sort sleeves ( I ll try to do a wash if needed) if you don t want you need 14 tops
4 top with long sleeves
2 swimming -suits
4 pijamas ( always get dirty)

The Girls ( 2 times each item)

14 underwear
7 pairs of socks( will not wear many)
2 pair of shoes ( one for the party one for the sand)
14 top short sleeves or no sleeves
7 top long sleeves
2 cardigan
1 sweater
1 jacket
2 swimming suits
2 dressed up out fit ( dresses)
3 dresses ( every day)
1 trousers
2 leggings
1 shorts
1 skirt
2 pijamas

2 outfits for party ( jacket/shirt/ trousers)
3 pairs of shoes ( one for the party, one for the beach, sneakers)
9 polo/ or tee shirt depending on you style
3/4 shirts ( evening)
3 trousers ( one light, one dark, one pair of jeans)
2/3 sorts
2 sweaters/ cardigan
14 underwears
7 pairs of socks( warm weather might not need many)
2 swimming suits

3 pairs of shoes ( one for the party, one for the beach, one regular)
14 underwears (( panties) 3 bras)
3 pairs of socks
4 dresses
1 trousers
1 skirt
1 short
1 sweater
1 vest
2 dress up outfits
5 tops ( short sleeves, no sleeves)
1 swimming suits 1 paréo

Result: 2 big size luggages each less than 20 kg./ 44 pounds
One hand luggage ( for the suit/dresses )that we also board in.

And one hand luggage.

A lot of stress, but a couple with 3 children had 5 hudge luggage !!

Use the list as a check list. To verify that you have not forgotten something.
And better to do the luggages one day before departure minimum otherwise too much stress when unexpected things happens on the departure date…
As it always does.

Arrival midnight 2 kids asleep on three we where happy to have only one hand luggage. We had to Carry them for 2 corridors 1 stairs before we got the strollers back


Ps: it looks a bit more but the 2 soft bags where used to store the warm jacket, not needed once arrived.
Always good to have soft bag in the pocket, for whatever s on your way.
And the small black hand luggage on top, holds a suit and 2 dresses ( that was the 3 rd luggage!)

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5 comments on “List, get ready to travel

  1. Amazing! And to think I stressed out about packing for a driving trip to Kansas…

    • You mean I stress too much ( no offense, it can be tricky and i get stressed so I need to keep a little organized, at least not yo buy half of everything i forgot every month…travelling with Kids is something we practice very often) or you ld get stressed if you had to pack for 2 weeks and flying ?

      • No, no, sorry I mean that I had a super hard time packing for our driving trip and you are traveling by air all over the place with little kids! I’m impressed, sorry it came out wrong I was no doubt up at the computer too late last night! 🙂

      • No no problem, i Accept critics… We are also travelling a lot by car… Which is much more easy, 2 years ago we did 6000km in 3 weeks France switzeland Portugal Spain… I need to get Time to share more… Décember we were flying to nyc and Flo, 2 weeks to visit family and in particular m’y grandma upstate ny… Really tricky to pack for 2 weeks and 2 opposite température, we took 6 flights and they lost and found back 4 Time our luggages!

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