I am happy … 3 years  have passed since I started this adventure, sharing places, ideas, images, and keeping memories through these blog’s pages.

Thank you for following me and my adventures…. see you soon for more ….à bientôt….

Bisous ! ( kisses )



Just for you:

My top 3 posts in 2016:

Incredible : My favorite addresses in Amsterdam have recorded more than 1500 views and is my top viewed post every years since it has been posted:


Number 2 is the one on my favorite addresses in Luxembourg:


Number 3 is the one on this beautiful artist: Jurga Martin and her “Maison d’hôte in Bourgogne, France:


In 2015:

Still the post on Amsterdam and Luxembourg then this one on Paris and its gardens:


In 2014:

Still the post on Amsterdam and Luxembourg then this one on Luxembourg’s night life 🙂


In 2013:

This post on Amsterdam is still number one: https://soparislux.com/amsterdam-une-de-mes-villes-favorites/amsterdam-one-of-my-favorite-city/

Oh how I love Ben Mazue’s and Benjamin Clementine’s music, two wonderful artists to be discovered. Together in my post, but not linked in real life:


And this nice weekly challenge:


Let see what 2016 nous réserve ( awaites for us…)…

 Life is full of choices!

Some are made for you, some are made by you.

Always tough to choose, tho a privilege!

Always a great challenge for me.

Life brought me more choices to be made and a way to realize you’re not losing if you are not having it all.

As you have it, by accepting to choose letting down some choices…

Does it make sense to you?

For me it does…
Enjoy the rest of the week end….


All these pictures represent choices, roads taken, ways: 


I also would like to share with you choices made by two special ladies, courage  perseverance and style :

Amazing clutches :


And in French raw and sarcastic:


Raw Pictures taken with my iPhone in lux tonight around 8 pm. in response to … 672.297

Seems like lux=jap this time.

Got inspired by Brent and decided to share this light I like So much as well.

Night night






Thank you @crspoon and most of all thank You M., and the genius who made this video

Also a way to Try a New Posting Style


  1. Written In French/ Ecrit en français:
  • Jennijane   Un blog plein de belles images verbales et graphiques, des tranches de vie, de voyage et de musique;


  • Je lance ta boite  Un blog très dynamique, sur les strart up, tout en finesse et avec une pointe d’humour


2. Written in English / Ecrit en Anglais:

  • For tips on Vienna: Sushi and strudel


I tasted her choice when we were in Vienna, great.

To be continued and updated